Yoga Teacher

Nice to meet you! I'm Raj.  An Italian yogi with a Sanskrit name!

I was born as Emanuele but became Raj, which means control. Control through the beautiful path that is bringing peace to my life.

I am extremely passionate about travel, which brought me around Europe to Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the UK. Along my travels, I met so many amazing people who are passionate about yoga. They are now my friends and fellow yogis!

For me, yoga changed my life. It's this passion that pushes me to teach people the lessons of yoga.

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Reiki Master

Reiki gave me the key to open the door to knowledge!

From the moment Reiki came into my life I began my spiritual and personal growth. Every day, step by step, I became closer to the universal love, sharing it without personal or material interests.

I became a Reiki Master by learning from Master Mikao Usui. Today, I follow his teachings as a Reiki Master and pass this onto others - so that they can also experience the life changing energy.

In addition to offering Reiki treatments, I also specialise in other techniques including traditional Chinese medicine, reflexology, crystal healing therapy, aromatherapy, Qi Cong, and Tai Chi Chuan.

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