about raj

"My yoga journey began a lot of time ago, but only few years ago I decided to live in an Ashram where under the support of my Indian teachers I studied yoga to get my international certification. My big dream became real.

My passion for travelling brought me all around Europe (Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy and now the U.K.) where I met so many students, a lot of them shared their love with me and became first friends and then yogis

about gio

"My journey through the Eastern Philosophy began in 2006, due to the need to fill the deep emptiness within myself. My life was immediately fulfilled with the big LOVE of Reiki.

Since I met Reiki I started my personal and spiritual grown. Every day, step by step, I got closer to the universal love, sharing it without personal or material interests. Today I keep following Master Mikao Usui’s teachings, and I am a Reiki Master”

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